Personality is a combination of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that make each person unique.
It is her way of seeing, understanding and relating to the outside world, as well as the way she sees herself.

Personality begins to form during childhood, through the interaction between hereditary and environmental factors.

Personality disorders share four main characteristics:

  • Distorted thinking;
  • Problematic emotional responses
  • Excessive or reduced impulse adjustment
  • Interpersonal difficulties

These combined characteristics can give rise to specific personality disorders such as:

Bizarre or eccentric conduct, such as disturbance:

  • Paranoid;
  • Schizoid;
  • Schizotyc.

Dramatic, emotional or unregulated behavioural conduct, such as disorder:

  • Borderline
  • Narcissistic
  • Histrionics
  • Antisocial

– Those who lose their individuality lose everything –
Mahatma Gandhi


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