Depression is a psychiatric pathology, characterized by:

  • Persistent distress;
  • Loss of interest in activities that normally give pleasure;
  • Difficulty in carrying out the simplest daily actions;
  • Low self-esteem.

Depression can prevent people from working and taking part in family and social life, until they reach a real social and work disability, with consequences for the quality of life of the person and those close to him.

Depressive Disorder is a multifactorial disorder where genetic, biological and psychosocial aspects interact with each other.

Depression manifests itself through numerous symptoms, synthesized in four major areas:

  1. Somatics: sense of fatigue, nervousness, weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, lack of sexual desire, physical pain etc.;
  2. Emotional: sadness, anguish, despair, guilt, lack of hope in the future, loss of interest in any activity, etc.;
  3. Behavioral: reduction of daily activities, social isolation, passive behaviors, etc.;
  4. Cognitive: decision-making inability, disturbances in concentration and memory, slowed time perception, etc.

– Depression is melancholy minus its charm –
Susan Sontag


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