The virus represents a biological condition with particular characteristics that allow it to replicate exclusively within a cellular structure, resulting in parasitism. The current events these days relate to a specific virus in 2019-nCoV, known as coronavirus (looking at the image under a microscope you understand the reason for the name), part of a type among which there are substantially offensive. It is one of the elements that see light in the course of the Earth’s biological dynamics.

It is appropriate to do another psychic analysis, generally tacit, but able to explain a certain part of the social message that comes from it and which produces and fuels the spread of uncertainty. The ease of propagation of the media message to which we subject ourselves makes sure that any potential danger becomes effective in a very short space of time and it is in it that is exasperated and experienced as current any hypothesis provided realistic.

The coronavirus, along with a multitude of other topics, gives the sense of danger inherent in the individual that feeds the image of an impending disaster (unfortunately realistically possible), giving rise to a system of human anxiety due to the whole of the messages that legitimately run through the information machine, which today much more than yesterday snakes, produced with impressive speed. This is an essential aspect to be pointed out and observed, despite being a necessary product of our age.

The anxiety of this century spreads in the various topics certainly authentic, contained by new pathologies, climate disasters, wars as irrefutable as incredible and computerized, etc.
In fact, at this historical stage there is no greater uncertainty than in the past but today it is so evident and fuelled by the (legitimate) awareness of the risks, that there is no way to let the news settle, giving a logical sense so that it is reduced until they are manageable by the human mind. All right, but man is not suitable for this whirlwind, his psychology does not easily withstand the awareness of the unknown if it is all too assiduous. It happens that we find ourselves sustaining an inevitable impact, which produces a potentially devastating effect with the increase in the threshold of uncertainty that pervades every corner of existence in each of us, without anyone knowing its true origin.

It often happens that a real anguish invests the subject with imposing effects, even more so in those characterized by intense fragility. The resulting anxiety is the one that produces in society the result of an anguish of the future that is felt as tremendously heavy, in a greater existential awareness, but precisely for this reason able to produce a fear that we do not know how to cope with. On the one hand the need to know, on the other how much you can support what you are able to know. This is also man.

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